Newsfeed on Friday night is better than going out

Who needs to go out on Friday night when you can just sit at home and read Newsfeed?

Within 5 minutes, 4 new stories. Then 3 new stories. Whatever will they reveal!?


Oh look, Tom got into USC Marshall School of Business. There’s his acceptance letter. He took a picture of it using his Android phone.

Julie! Julie… Julie was just tagged in another artsy instagram photo, sipping out of a wine glass. She is so classy. I love her blonde hair. I wonder what bar she’s at right now. Maybe I should Like the picture. No…I haven’t talked to her in 6 years.

Mo is in San Francisco; he just checked into Ghirardelli Square.

Chris just shared a photo of him when he was 3, and when his brother and sister were 5 and 6. Why they indeed do look exactly the same as they do now, at age 24, 26 and 27.

Here’s Larry with his new ukulele. So. Adorable.

Five of my friends are at the AMNH (American Museum of Natural History) dance party, dancing.

Sheila likes a new Spanish song. She is dancing it to right now, as she gets ready to HIT. THE. TOWN. Woooo!

Lou really wants to go to Six Flags. His “4 free tickets to Six Flags” post appears 5 times in a row on my Newsfeed.

And finally, the New York media/fashion/finance industry yuppies are descending upon Lavo. And posting those grainy, sweaty Mobile Uploads, updating all those Lavo status updates. “<333333 Lavoooooooooooo!!!” Then, there’s the Circle update. “Somehow…I’m here again.”


And those are just the stories before 12:30am.  It’s almost as if I was there at all the events! Sooooooooo funnnnnnn.

Too much excitement. Too tired to stay up and continue “going out”. Good night.


One Comment on “Newsfeed on Friday night is better than going out”

  1. says:

    simply brilliant.

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