USA Today article on Facebook Timeline and my concept of “digital grooming”

USA Today article on Facebook Timeline and my concept of “digital grooming”

Revisiting the article that I was featured in last year:

Keeping tabs on her profile page as Facebook evolves is nothing new for King, who calls herself a “digital groomer.”

She goes through the information on her account every few weeks and deletes statuses, messages and other things — such as posts on an ex-boyfriend’s wall — that she doesn’t want to keep on her Facebook page. “I’ve always been a cautious Internet user,” King says. “I’ve always been really aware that anything I put up is forever.”

Digital grooming should be a regular routine for anyone who has a public social media presence. (If you keep your Facebook or Twitter accounts completely private, this is probably less of a concern.)

Something we said, read or did a few weeks ago may not be relevant anymore. Leaving old posts up also clutters a profile and can give new Facebook friends too much information too soon…before the real friendship grows deeper.

Thankfully, it’s become easier to “digitally groom” on Facebook. New privacy settings allow us to make specific posts public or private. We no longer have to choose between deleting completely and leaving up forever. Everyone should use this “viewing” feature on their posts. Set a public shelf life for your mobile uploads or status messages. Doing so can help you turn Facebook’s new Timeline feature into your private online diary. This way, 30 years from now, you can still remember the awesome things you did today (watched Titanic in 3-D! got a latte!), but your grandkids won’t have to know…


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