When two or more girls get together, there’s bound to be a Facebook picture

“I know a Facebook picture when I see one!” my friend shrieked sarcastically. He motioned for me and three other girls to squeeze together so that he could take a picture of us. “I’ve never had a Facebook account but I know a Facebook picture when I see one!” He continued, laughing.

This was two weeks ago. We were at a bar, holding $15 bespoke cocktails in our hands.


Even people who aren’t on Facebook know that when two or more girls get together, there’s bound to be a Facebook picture.

A Facebook picture is a picture that is taken with one intention, for a sole purpose — to be shared on Facebook. A Facebook picture is most likely taken when two or more girls get together, because girls like taking boat loads of pictures of themselves in general.

Girls at a bar —


Girls in car —


Girls on boat — FACEBOOK PICTURE.

Girls feeding goat — FACEBOOK PICTURE.

Here are some other inevitable situations that lead to FACEBOOK PICTURES of groups of girls.

 1. They’re at a geographical location that involves a skyline/sunset/sunrise/beach/lake/mountain top/historic landmark/cherry blossom trees…

2. They’re at a Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous location that involves a banquet hall/fancy restaurant/fancy hotel lobby, bar, pool, room, roof…

3. They’re at a wedding.

4. They’re wearing stuff that shows off their bods…

5. They’re wearing pumps. Nude pumps….

6. They’re wearing matching outfits. Bikinis. Sarongs. Hibiscus flowers in hair. Dance uniforms…

7. Nude pumps again…

8. They have VSL — Visible Sorority Letters…

9. They’re in costume, or have fake mustaches, and it may or may not be Halloween…

10. They’re engaged in one of the following activities: brunching; dining; drinking; dancing; pre-gaming; preparing to pregame; snowboarding/skiing/extreme sporting; bathing…in the sun; getting ice cream; making desserts; eating desserts; walking in Montmartre, or other easily recognizable tourist area; waiting for each other in the bathroom of a nice club; waiting for a train; waiting for a plane; on a party bus; on a school bus; on a mini bus to go ziplining…

11.  They’re fixing their hair; fixing their shirt; wiggling their butts in their seats to adjust their seated pose; moving one foot in front of the other, bending slightly the leg that’s in front, and sucking in their stomachs to adjust their standing pose…

and finally,

12. They all take out cameras and smart phones and hand it to a poor schmuck(s) who has to take the same picture with every single one.

In actuality, even with mixed groups, as long as there are at least two girls, there’s bound to be a Facebook picture.


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