Countdown to children under 13 joining Facebook

Facebook Stays Quiet on Plans to Let Children Under 13 Join – Technology Review.

The company faces pressure to protect the millions of children who lie about their age and use the site anyway. Concerns include predators and the troubling rise of cyber-bullying. But opening up to a massive new market of users won’t hurt Facebook’s business either, and that is what has privacy advocates concerned.”

What benefits would a 12-year-old, 9-year-old or 5-year-old gain from being on Facebook? Scheduling play dates? Keeping in touch after growing apart as toddlers? “Hey, it’s been a while since I’ve seen you. Have you been potty trained yet? I have. It was awful. Want to come over and watch Dora and have a couple of juice boxes?”

Besides, some parents post so many photos and videos of their children on Facebook already, it would be redundant for the children to have Facebook accounts of their own.

But unfortunately I do think allowing children under 13 on Facebook will happen. I give Mark Zuckerberg 18 months before he announces the change.


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