5 No-Nos For Your Facebook Profile Picture

KYMX Mix 96

Facebook has been the hot spot social media outlet for almost 10 years now. Since the evolution Facebook has undergone many facelifts  but one thing that  is still the most important feature is your Facebook profile picture. Now technology has even allowed us more access to “the book’s” profile pics with the smartphone ability to sync our friends list with our contacts! It is no longer just your Facebook profile picture, but your personnel contact pic as well.

So now after almost a decade, The Stir has come up with a list of  5 no-no profile picture guidelines that will always deem you the classy bunch on “the book” (as long as you follow them that-is):

1. You in a swimsuit

2. The pic taken of you in the mirror with your iPhone

3. You’re drunk

4. From a while ago

5. It’s been cropped

How does your picture…

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