{blessing #373}: Compassion


Our community lost a 9th grader this weekend and I’d be hard-pressed to discover a blessing in someone taking their own life—especially at such a young age. There is no blessing there. But what I did observe, all over Facebook today, was an outpouring of compassion…and love…and support. A memorial page went up and garnered almost 1700 “likes” in less than 8 hours. Pictures and videos pulled from his page were funneled to the memorial site. The wall, filled with an outpouring of compassion for a generation that communicates and connects and convenes in cyber world, unlike any other.

Social media is oft criticized as a platform for hatred, for bullying, for disseminating propaganda and folly. While this may be true for some, I bear witness to a powerful, useful, potentially healing application. Social media can be a therapeutic vehicle for compassion; it all depends on how one chooses…

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