Facebook etiquette

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Somebody, somewhere, should write a Facebook etiquette book or site. I will try to cover some topics, in summary form.

For instance. If somebody sends a direct “Happy birthday” message to your wall, the least you can do is reply “Thank you”. It will not cost you anything, perhaps about 5 seconds. Liking it or saying “thank you for the tons of FB messages” on your wall (when you got about 30 messages) is not very nice at all. I can see using this when you got 500 messages, but very few people do.

Posting compulsively is a no-no. Yesterday a friend of mine posted some thirty messages, one after the other, about a project of his. It was an important project, however, I for one did not read a single message. I find this invasive as SPAM.

Posting gross pictures is another no-no. The other day, this animal activist…

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