…kick the habit

The Two-Woman Crusade

The first step is always admitting you have a problem, and in a world full of distractions–email, tweets, Facebook, viral videos, texts, voice mails, etc.–all available on your smartphone, the odds are stacked against you.

Whether or not you’re willing to admit it, you are probably suffering from a soft addiction. These are the hardest ones to notice let alone deal with.

Here are the signs.  If you’ve ever found yourself…

  • justifying the intelligence to necessity ratio of crossing the street (in downtown Chicago nonetheless) while checking your email…
  • the object of dirty looks, which you just don’t understand most likely, while you finish your phone conversation before placing your coffee order…
  • checked Facebook during a movie…
  • kept your phone out on the table while out to dinner (without an impending emergency)…

…you probably have a problem.

Now that you know, how do you deal with it? Stop. Okay, stop…

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