Politics, Friends, and Facebook; What I think on each, and why they should not mix

A Wanderer In Life

Today, Facebook informed me that one of my old teachers commented an article “Vasectomies and abortions are not health care,” which made me furious. How dare this man who taught me so much about music and was so kind when I was the token “pregnant girl” in high school, how could he feel that way? How could he be so… so… conservative? So Republican? So like the right wingers I dislike so greatly on principle alone?

I love Facebook. Love like a fly loves garbage on a hot summer day. I am addicted. Games, friends, communicating with my sister. But, Facebook should not be a place to argue. So, I didn’t. But, I did post this:

I’m honestly so tired of politics already. I know who I’m voting for, and I don’t want to see everyone’s opinion. I know how to read a poll, and how to check out a…

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