Self Promotion via Social Media, the Less Annoying Way

Teena Nawabi

Social media is fairly new to journalists. It’s old enough so that we are comfortable with its existence, but too new for us to have mastered how to use it to promote ourselves and our work. How do we tweet about our stories without getting on our followers’ nerves? How to we share our stories on Facebook without looking like egomaniacs? Will our friends even care? Will anyone besides my mom be interested in the stories I’m linking to?

All those questions and more are handled in a recent Columbia Journalism Review article cleverly called Journo, Promote Thyself, which guides journalists through the difficulties of self-promotion viaTwitter, Tumblr andFacebook. Journalists are advised in the article to not only tweet their work but tweet about other things too; have a sense of humor, be entertaining, so that people are actually tempted to follow you. The author…

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