The Benefits of Social Media Monitoring for Defence Contractors


Defence contractors who monitor social media are getting valuable information to ensure security and better engage with stakeholders and detractors.

This is a guest post by Patrick Herridge, Chief Operating Officer of Social360, a London-based social media monitoring and intelligence firm with defence industry clients.

Patrick HerridgeSocial media monitoring is rapidly becoming a default service for any major business.  Whilst these tools were initially seen as largely of use for consumer facing brands, more and more B2B companies are now recognising their worth. This is nowhere more true than in the defence sector, where there are a range of ways in which monitoring the social web can bring to light valuable information.

The applications for social monitoring in the defence sector are, however, potentially different from those for other brands.  Defence, like other potentially controversial market sectors, has its own set of reasons for potentially looking at a monitoring solution.

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