The politics of facebook……(yeah only not really what this is about)


What this is going to be briefly about…receiving likes on facebook. More particularly receiving likes on comments left on random pages by either slightly attractive, above average attractiveness, or down right damn hot chicks liking them.

You’d think I’d know the protocol by now..but I don’t.

Is a like in of a sense kind of an online flirtation? If so is them outright leaving a comment and obvious and DUH sign I should perhaps message them….or maybe befriend them..or what exactly?

If I were really the pimp type…i’d know the exact right thing to say to them and 48 hours later wam bam and thank you mam…but that’s not I or me or I lack that talent….so where to go from a to b to C(ee) you later…

let’s play the game of my shallowtude for a moment..when i get a like from a could be beautiful but turns out…

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