Which Social Networking Site Is Best For You?

Too Far Off The Radar

There are so many Social Networking sites to choose from, but just which one is best for your business? Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest… There are almost too many, the list is endless. Remember, you can’t keep up with them all, so which one would your business benefit from? Where would you be able to properly reach out to your Target Market?

You need to firstly think about how you are going to engage with your potential customers or readers, whether it is using photographs? Videos? Written Articles? Blogs? Choose platforms which you can showcase your content the best. For example, if you marketed your business through photographs, you would choose Pinterest or Instagram rather than focusing solely on Twitter.

You need to consider how much of a personal connection you want with your audience. How much conversation and debate do you want to start up with others?…

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