Why I Decided to Quit You, Facebook


Dear Facebook,

Since our first encounter in early 2007, you and I have had a passionate on-again/off-again relationship. Breaks in our tumultuous rapport naturally coincided with you breaking my heart, usually through showing me things I simply didn’t want to see, neglecting me when I needed it most, and constantly changing your look without even checking in with me first. Each time I ran back to you after months of denying my addiction, I found that you had taken up with dozens of others who equally sought your love and approval (god knows why). After nearly six exhausting years, I finally realized that you kind of suck, and you’re never going to change.

Before I decide whether something in my life sucks, I generally ask the following question: “Is this serving a uniquely useful and/or positive purpose in my life?” I admit I may come off as a bit too…

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