Once upon a time, many years ago, I had a Facebook presence.  When I opened the account, I didn’t plan on becoming a cyber stalker, but that’s what happened.  There must have been an undetectable mind-controlling force emitted from my computer screen as soon as I logged on to the site.  Mark Zuckerberg seemed like an evil genius in “The Social Network,” so I have no doubt he figured out how to control my thoughts.

Nearly overnight, I was consumed with curiosity about the intimate details of people I barely knew.  What did Suzy eat for breakfast?  Did Joanie run today, or was she a slug, like usual?  Are Brad and Jenna still fighting?  Did Lisa finish vacuuming the hallway?  In just a couple of clicks, I could find out all this and more.

I would wake up every morning, head directly for the computer, and spy.  Then…

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