Your status updates are too whiney, your cursing is off-putting and, for crying out loud, can you please stop texting while walking?

That’s what your fellow humans are thinking as you walk around starting at your mobile phone immersed in your online life, according to the Mobile Etiquette and Digital Sharing survey commissioned by Intel (s intc).

The survey found that six out of 10 Americans think you complain too much on social media, while in every place expect China, people perceived that our mobile manners were deteriorating. These gaffes include talking about private matters in public places, watching porn in inappropriate places (like in the airplane seat next to my 6-year-old, perv in 12C) and texting while driving (and walking). Surprisingly, Intel didn’t include a category for people who talk on their phones in public bathrooms, but I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that it’s…

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