Friends Don’t Let Facebook Friends Not Vote

eloquently exaggerated

As a UCSD alum and the Director of Social Media at a political consulting firm, I take particular interest in the new study led by none other than UC San Diego’s James H. Fowler, indicating a correlation between social sharing and voter participation.

“Our study suggests that social influence may be the best way to increase voter turnout. Just as importantly, we show that what happens online matters a lot for the ‘real world.’”

Basically, when Facebook users see their friends doing something, they are more inclined to do it too. Voting is no exception. People want to appear politically engaged, and want others to know they are fulfilling their civic duties. What better way to brag than on Facebook, right? That’s exactly what this study proves. Out of the 61 million people included in the study, those who saw their friends voting on Facebook were more likely to get…

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