The Great Facebook Like Debate

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Sometimes, a grand title is what you really need.

The other day, a friend of my wife’s shared a link on Facebook to one of these joke images. It was about children singing a song, and had different text for different problems; autism, dyslexia, ADHD etc. In short, both my wife and I found it neither funny nor in good taste.

I have a son with autism, but that was not the reason. The words were just offensive, they were not making fun at the problem, but rather the people with it, and for me, there is a big difference there.

When my wife read this, she left a comment saying that she didn’t find it very funny. This then sparked a rather intense round of comments from said friend, and then her husband who was outraged that his wife was being attacked on Facebook. Suddenly, a string of others arrived, proclaiming…

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