Facebook’s been tracking our every move for the last few years, gathering enough behavioral data to sell to advertisers and Santa Claus for his naughty or nice list. Now, finally, we’ll get to see for ourselves just how creepy and pathetic we truly are. I can hardly wait.

Cleveland's Star 102

As if all the Apps, Quizzes “Villes,” Tagging, Relations and Friend Lists and Likes weren’t enough, Facebook is now going to track your every move on their site (they actually already do, you’ll just be able to see it now). That’s right. Every person you’ve searched for. That includes Facebook creeping your ex after 3 glasses of wine at one in the morning… (not that anyone actually does that…right?)

In the next few weeks, you’ll be able to access it all on the activity log. I’ve got to admit. That freaks me out just a bit. The good news? You are the only one who can see it. You can also delete it. But still. What is the point? I mean Facebook has really changed too much for some people. Didn’t it seem a lot more fun when it was new and simple? (Though I admit I do like the…

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