Mark Zuckerberg for Halloween


Best Like-o-Lantern ever


Happy Halloween, Facebookers! Hope it’s pumpkin-likin’ good.


If you’ve spent any time in a newsroom, traditional or otherwise, you know that publishers are obsessed with measuring where their web traffic comes from. Whether it’s Google Analytics or Chartbeat or comScore or Omniture, or any one of a dozen other providers, tracking where readers come from is a crucial part of online media — mostly because publishers need to know which channels are worth focusing on, since there are so many to choose from. Is Twitter your biggest source? Then you should tweet more, and optimize your content for Twitter. Is Facebook a big referrer of traffic? Then you need to be aware of changes to the newsfeed and how they affect you.

But what if your biggest source of traffic and readers is something you aren’t even really paying attention to, and something that is extremely hard to track in the same way as Google or Twitter…

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It’s official, sort of: the company behind what people used to call the ‘German Facebook’ is indeed now under the control of Bebo CEO Adam Levin.

Why has the chief of Criterion Capital Partners bought Poolworks, as the firm is known these days? Good question. And the whole story of why it’s taken this long to confirm the identity of the new owner is just plain weird.

Let’s take a deep breath…

Back in June, VZ Networks – the ailing proprietor of Facebook clone StudiVZ and other networks aimed at various demographics – rebranded as Poolworks and announced it would be focusing on its school-age system SchülerVZ, also rebranded as IDPool. (That new site is still only a ‘coming-soon’ affair.)

Then, in September, Poolworks owner Holtzbrinck Ventures surprised everyone by selling the company to the ‘international investment organization’ Vert Capital. You know, Vert? No, me neither. Anyway, Poolworks…

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