“Everyone bitches about Facebook.”

I told friends over drinks tonight that I want to cover Facebook as a journalist. “I want to just bitch and rant about it,” I said.

“Everyone bitches about Facebook. You’re never going to make money doing that,” one replied.

His reply is exactly why I run this blog.

My (and most journalists’ and writers’) primary goal is never money. My objective is to uncover issues that people face — and no one has done a good enough, meaningful enough, organized and consistent enough job reporting on Facebook’s negative consequences on our lives.

Through this site I share my Facebook experiences and about how the site affects me because I know I’m not alone. I want my posts to spark readers to become self aware of the way Facebook (and other social media) affects and changes their lives. I want readers to share their stories and experiences with me. I want you to share your stories and experiences with me.